I have been blessed

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about things God has blessed me with. I just wanted to list a few and encourage you to make your own list of things you’re thankful for. When you’re feeling down or discouraged, go back and take a look at this list. It’s sure to cheer you up!

1. My family–My parents have done so much for me. I don’t know where I’d be without them. My only sister and I have become good friends now that we’re older. I am so blessed.

2. My friends–My friends at college AND at home. God has given me such good influences and such good friends that encourage me and support me when I need it. I pray I can be half as good of a friend as they have been to me.

3. Ransom–Ransom is at a weird point. He is more than just my friend, but he is not quit family yet. I thank God for giving me my wonderful fiance. He is wonderful enough to care for me and take care of me, but strong enough to put me in my place when I’m wrong and need it. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

4. God–Yes, this should be first. I don’t have these in order of importance. Most of all, I’m thankful for God Himself. Without him, I’d be nothing. Without Him, I’d be bound for eternal separation from Him. Without Him, there would be no point in living. I’m grateful for God giving me Himself.

I plan on list some more later. For now, read and think about the words of this song. It’s such a great song that will remind you of all the blessings me have.

“I Have Been Blessed”

1st Verse
When He walks among us, all that He does, All of His mercy and all of His love.  If the pen of a writer could write every day even this world could never contain just how I’ve been blessed. The warmth in the winter, the flowers in spring, the laughter of summer, and the changing of leaves.  Food on my table, a good place to sleep, clothes on my back and shoes on my feet.  Oh, I have been blessed.

2nd Verse
Arms that will raise, a voice that can talk, hands that can touch and legs that can walk.  Ears that can listen and eyes that can see, oh, I’ve got to praise Him as long as I breathe.  Cause I have been blessed. Father and mother, nurtured and raised, my sisters and brothers, memories made.  Our pastor to lead us, this altar to pray, Stripes that can heal and a Blood that can save.  Oh, I have been blessed.

3rd Verse
We live in a country, the greatest on earth, our flag stands for freedom and what it is worth.  She stands in the harbor, Ms. Liberty calls, all have gave some, but some gave it all for me to be blessed. A shoulde to lean on when I am down, a rock where He leads me when I’m overwhelmed.  The place where He hides me under His wings.  He’s not just a song, He’s the reason I sing, Oh, and I have been blessed.


I have been blessed, God’s so good to me, precious are His thoughts of you and me.  No way I could count them there’s not enough time, so I’ll just thank Him for being so kind.  God has been good, so good.  I have been blessed.


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